This Service Agreement (“Agreement”) is effective as of [ZoraMD_EFFECTIVE_DATE] (“Effective Date”) and is made by and between ZoraMD, LLC, a Nevada limited liability company (“ZoraMD”), and ZoraMD_CLIENT_NAME. Herein, ZoraMD and the Client may be individually referred to as “Party” and collectively as “Parties.”


A. ZoraMD specializes in providing Virtual Assistant Services to the healthcare sector, utilizing a team of carefully selected healthcare professionals (mainly Registered Nurses) based in the Philippines—a country where English is a primary language of instruction.

B. The Client operates within the healthcare sector and seeks to leverage Virtual Assistant Services tailored to their specific needs, under the guidance and expertise of ZoraMD.

C. The Parties wish to formalize this engagement, with ZoraMD offering Virtual Assistant Services to the Client under the terms outlined herein.


Engagement and Services: The Client engages ZoraMD to provide Virtual Assistant Services, which ZoraMD agrees to deliver under this Agreement’s terms. Services include but are not limited to, transcription, in-room meeting support, patient charting, and administrative tasks.

Term: This Agreement commences on the Effective Date and lasts one year, automatically transitioning to a month-to-month basis unless renewed or terminated by either Party.

Termination: Post-initial term, either Party may terminate this Agreement at any time with written notice. Upon termination, the Client is obligated to settle any outstanding fees for services rendered up to the termination date.

Fees: The Client agrees to pay ZoraMD an hourly rate of [Insert Hourly Rate] for services rendered. Fees for partial hours are rounded to the nearest half-hour. ZoraMD reserves the right to adjust fees based on operational costs and market conditions, providing four months’ written notice of such changes.

Virtual Assistant Services: ZoraMD will ensure the delivery of selected services as requested by the Client, subject to Virtual Assistant availability and mutual agreement on the service scope. Although most Virtual Assistants are based in the Philippines, ZoraMD can source talent globally to meet specific Client requirements.

Compliance and Accuracy: Virtual Assistants operate as independent contractors. ZoraMD commits to HIPAA compliance when handling Protected Health Information, ensuring secure and lawful use and disclosure.

Indemnification and Liability: The Client agrees to indemnify ZoraMD against liabilities arising from Client actions or compliance failures. ZoraMD’s liability is limited to three times the fees received for services rendered to the Client in the 30 days preceding any claim.

Warranties and Contractor Status: ZoraMD disclaims all implied warranties regarding Virtual Assistant Services. The Parties agree that Virtual Assistants are independent contractors, maintaining an independent contractor relationship with ZoraMD and the Client.

Non-Solicitation and Non-Competition: For three years post-term, the Client agrees not to solicit ZoraMD employees or engage in activities that directly compete with ZoraMD’s business.

Miscellaneous: This Agreement embodies the entire understanding between the Parties, governed by Nevada law. Any disputes will be resolved through binding arbitration in Las Vegas, Nevada.

ZoraMD is committed to providing the Client with high-quality Virtual Assistant Services, enhancing healthcare practice management through skilled and adaptable talent. By entering this Agreement, the Client gains access to ZoraMD’s specialized services, designed to integrate seamlessly into their workflow and contribute to operational efficiency.

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a Pennsylvania Limited Liability Company
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Print Name: Donte A Ennis
Title: President & CEO
Company Address: 21 S 11th St, Philadelphia, PA, 19107

[Client’s Full Legal Name],
a [Client’s Jurisdiction] [Client’s Entity Type].

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